WIVES have steadily been building up a head of steam in the last few months with the release of their debut singles 'Waving Past Nirvana' and 'Workin'', as well as a furious UK tour, so it's hot on the heels of this excitement that they announce their debut record. It's called So Removed and will come out through City Slang on October 4th.

The inspiration for the song comes from this anecdote from bandleader Jay Beach: "I heard a song by A Flock of Seagulls. My friend turned to me and said "why don't they just call this song 'the 19 eighties', cuz when I listen to it that's all I can think of." I laughed and said I would write a song called 'The 20 Teens'.

In 'The 20 Teens', WIVES do a fantastic job of characterising the stoned slant of Beach's vocals, who's singing of a guy who's walking the streets in a zoned-out state with all the people stopping to check him out, while he's dreaming of a "space martian mash up." You can practically hear him struggling to keep his eyelids from drooping as he sings of "kicking back with the summer vibe." A half-asleep singer doesn't sound like the most appealing listen, but with WIVES re-animating his drooping body through their ramshackle riffs and stabs of synth, '20 Teens' manages to lurch into a zombified stoner-rock anthem that becomes all the more infectious with each listen.

WIVES debut album So Removed is out October 4th on City Slang. Find their online presence at wivesnyc.com.

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