Berlin-based techno producer Objekt has today revealed the details of a new album called Cocoon Crush, which is due out on November 9th on PAN - his first album in 4 years. The record was recorded in Berlin and on the road over the course of that time.

The first track to be shared from Cocoon Crush is a 6-minute single mix of a track called 'Secret Snake'. It initiates us into Objekt's new project with absolutely no formalities, luring us with a seductive synth and teasing clicks before chucking us into the deep end of rumbling bass, juddering synths and bubbling percussion. While Objekt might be best known for dancefloor-ready bangers, 'Secret Snake' is a much headier and amorphous affair, taking us through distinct caverns of sound, both murky and luminous. Any time you think you've got a handle on 'Secret Snake', Objekt shifts the terrain; one minute we're in a burping sinkhole and the next we're in a brightly strobing warehouse of sound - remaining gripped throughout. Experience 'Secret Snake' below.

Objekt's new record Cocoon Crush comes out through PAN on November 9th and can be pre-ordered here.