Ohtis is a band that has existed in some shape or another for a long while - ever since the core duo of Sam Swinson and Adam Pressley were in high school in fact. They were soon joined by multi-instrumentalist Nate Hahn. Unfortunately, Swinson soon fell prey to that most evil of addictions, heroin, which put distance between him and his musical partners. In 2009, when his problem became devastating, Pressley and Hahn put physical distance between themselves as they moved to far-flung parts of the country. Nevertheless, their tight artistic understanding remained, and they swapped musical ideas over email with no promise or hope of ever letting them see the light of day.

Swinson eventually entered rehab, which would last years, but in 2011 was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. At that point he wrote what would become the first verse of their new track 'Runnin', which is a devotional to his old friend and bandmate Pressley about his dreams of their clean future together. Pressley remembers his reaction to hearing these words, and his belief that they would come together again: “Sam's beautiful encapsulation of recovery principles among the descriptions of his own struggle and redemption with sobriety in the song ‘Runnin’ was a major factor drawing me back to the band when they reformed”.

The rebirthed Ohtis have now created the final version of 'Runnin', which fully encapsulates the trauma, redemption and rebirth that Swinson and his bandmates underwent over the years. Delivered in poetic terms, boldly sung over rambling over Americana guitars and underscored with glossy pedal steel, it's a true country epic. When the chorus hits ("I will go runnin' with you, running in the Georgian night/ we together will be better than me") the swell of deep-running emotion is palpable. Take a listen below, and get the full unabridged version of Sam Swinson's story from the man himself over on their site.

'Runnin' will be pressed to limited edition 7" and released on Full Time Hobby on November 30th - pre-order here. Ohtis will be releasing an album in early 2019.