A couple of months ago we shared 'Runnin', the sort-of debut single from Ohtis. It was a song that reaped the beauty of Americana to tell a tale of redemption from addiction. This week Ohtis have shared the b-side to that song, 'Settling', another song that harnesses the natural storytelling power of singer Sam Swinson, and couples it perfectly with wistful guitars and pedal steel to tell its tale.

This time, though, the story is a much less hopeful one. Swinson has again penned a long backstory to the song, which tells of him losing his faith and going into a spiral; "I escaped back into the one thing I knew that made sense: oblivion... This song came from that. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be back within inches of death, lying to everyone who cared about me, and dragging them into the chaos with me. Which is exactly what happened."

The internal emotion is undoubtedly a scorching and painful one, but it comes out in 'Settling' with a sighing and beautiful sound. Throughout the track there is an undercurrent of friendly chatter, which underscores the fact that even in descent into oblivion there are people all around - those you will hurt, and those who will strive to help you (who are often the same people). Swinson sings mournfully of his emotional and physical necessities, gripping him like demonic possession, and the myriad impossible questions that arise from them - and it seems singing about it is the only thing keeping him alive. Overall 'Settling' is a heartbreaker, and if we didn't have the fact that we know there is a happy ending in Swinson's case, this would be a pretty dark song.

Ohtis' 7" single 'Runnin'/'Settling' will come out on Full Time Hobby on January 18th - pre-order here.