In recent years you might have seen the name Oliver Coates popping up in various places, as the experimental composer has collaborated with the likes of Johnny Greenwood and Mica Levi, as well as releasing his own solo album in 2016. News has broken this week that he has signed with renowned electronic label RVNG Intl. for forthcoming releases, starting with his new single 'Charlev'.

Coates is in no hurry on 'Charlev', stretching his tumbling and kaleidoscopic synth tune beyond 8 minutes. The track never gets boring though, as Coates never repeats himself, keeping the layers, textures and melodies ever-shifting and interacting with each other in cerebral and satisfying ways. There's even some subtle cello playing by Coates bedded within all the other elements, and this whole topsy turvy tower of sound is held together by the echoing simplistic kick throughout. The warped use of Chrysanthemum Bear’s voice intoning the track's title maintains a strangely human connection in this heady composition.

'Charlev' comes accompanied by a video by Leah Walker, which is a striking portrait of Cuba. Watch and listen below.

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