Oso Oso the Long Island emo/punk band fronted by Jade Lilitri released second album The Yunahon Mixtape last January. It was a slow-burning cult favourite, which eventually earned Oso Oso a deal with Triple Crown Records, who will be reissuing the album. They've also shared their first new tracks since the new record deal, and they show that Triple Crown are on to a very good thing.

The a-side of the new single is 'gb/ol h/nf', which stands for "goodbye old friends, hello new friends," but that doesn't actually get revealed until late in the song - when it's already been through about two different movements. What makes 'gb/ol h/nf' great is that it manages to pack a bunch of different segments into its four-and-a-half minutes, each of them has a killer hook, and the lyricism from Lilitri is concise, incisive and relatable. Casting about different ideas of self-worth and the unstoppable passing of time, the frustration is tied up into all of the tightly written refrains. The other side of the new single is 'subside', a simpler song, but similarly frenetic and replayable. This time Lilitri is more downcast, and the tension is hammered out on the rising and rousing chorus.