Following the release of the beloved The Yunahon Mixtape early 2017, Jade Lilitri aka Oso Oso announced his signing to Triple Crown records last summer, promising big things soon. This week our anticipation finally gets repaid as he has announced that there is a new Oso Oso record called Basking In The Glow coming out on August 16th.

Along with the announcement comes new track 'Dig', a gently coiling and bristling rocker that displays Lilitri's maturing as a songwriter. Oso Oso's new missive starts coyly, simple dashes of guitar and drums backing up the singer as he contemplates his unsureness - which soon gives way to his wan and wonderful admission "there's a hole in my soul," which is sure to become a lamented sing along at live gigs very soon. 'Dig' continues down its winding and melodic path, pulling the listener further into the singer's sorry state of affairs, only for Oso Oso to deliver an even bigger and more cathartic moment to conclude, ringing out in pained power-pop: "I'm still reeling from the mess I made!" - and it's a perfectly bittersweet release.

Oso Oso's new album Basking In The Glow is out August 16th on Triple Crown (pre-order).

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