American post-punk favourites Ought are a month off from releasing their third full-length album Room Inside The World on Merge. We've already heard the new wave channeling 'These 3 Things', but on new single 'Disgraced In America' they return to the more guitar-centric sound that won us over on their first two albums.

That's not to say that 'Disgraced In America' is a retread of previous glories, as Ought find new pockets into which they can send their sound, making just as urgent and vital as anything they've released before. With singer Tim Darcy's voice sounding fuller and more dynamic than ever, as he sings about his feelings of being unmoored and disillusioned, the band back up his changeable mood with topsy-turvy post-punk. The tide of their muscular rock sound shifts back and forth from frenetic, sax-imbued ejaculations into quiet, pensive meanderings and back again, making 'Disgraced In America' a thrillingly unpredictable four minutes.

'Disgraced In America' also comes accompanied by a stop motion animation created by Heather Rappard, who dissected the lyrics even further and painstakingly turned them into visual descriptors, to great effect. Speaking about Heather's work, Ought singer Tim Darcy said:

"The term 'microcosm' came to mind when I read Heather Rappard’s accompanying description for 'Disgraced in America'. The way they worked on the song, second by second, opened up deeper layers than we’re used to. Anyone who’s tried to memorise a lyric or a melody will know how unseen worlds can open up when you dig in like that. Songs can last for days, years, fucking centuries, and then you pull your head out of the brook and maybe 15 seconds have passed."

Check out 'Disgraced In America' below.

Ought's Room Inside The World comes out through Merge on February 16th.