Ouri is a South America-by-way-of-France producer, singer and DJ, who has been putting out beguiling electronic-meets-R&B records for a couple of years now. Her work has attracted the attention of Ghostly International, who will be putting out a new EP called We Share Our Blood on September 28th.

On the creation of We Share Our Blood, Ouri tells us: “As I continue to create music, I want the whole experience to be even more raw. No one else is included for this one; from writing to mastering, the process is direct from me to the listener.”

This direct link between artist and listener is also in line with the themes of the We Share Our Blood EP; the proliferation and importance of direct human connection in a world that is becoming oversaturated with technology. Perhaps this is also why Ouri is using her voice for the first time on this release - and to stimulating effect on the lead single 'Escape'. Over jittering tribal-R&B percussion, Ouri's intones suggestively with ideas of shame and caring, her smooth voice perfectly adapted to the song's rippling rhythm. As it unfolds, 'Escape' combines street-ready thumps with vaporous vocal work and tactful synthesizer melodies. There's a message to be taken from 'Escape', but it's more of a shapeless feeling than a solid idea; it's conjured by the bumping beats and whisper-sung vocals, and risen to awesome proportions by the combination of these simple elements - only to evaporate once the song's final bounce fades.

You can pre-order Ouri's We Share Our Blood EP here ahead of its September 28th release. Keep up with Ouri on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.