Parquet Courts are one of the most prolific and hardworking bands going, so even though in 2017 they released the Daniele Luppi collaborative EP MILANO and A. Savage had a solo album, we had faith they'd still return with a proper follow up to 2016's Human Performance this year, and lo and behold they have made good on it. Rough Trade will once again be releasing the album, which is called Wide Awake!, and comes out on May 18th. Perhaps even more excitingly, or at least intriguingly, it was produced by Danger Mouse, who approached them with the offer. While some might feel perturbed about this partnership, Andrew Savage has said "“The ethos behind every Parquet Courts record is that there needs to be change for the better, and the best way to tackle that is to step out of one’s comfort zone. I personally liked the fact that I was writing a record that indebted to punk and funk, and Brian’s a pop producer who’s made some very polished records. I liked that it didn’t make sense.”

Premiering first from Wide Awake! is the two-part, 3-minute storm that is 'Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience'. In classic post-punk style, Parquet Courts rambunctiously shamble their way through the opening segment, Savage sputtering and sprawling about his dislikes and worries, being "in the chaos demension/ trapped in a brutal invention." As the song then takes off into its latter half, the titular impatience spurs them on to their most immediately infectious song for a while - despite Savage's continued plague against being alive.

Check out 'Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience' below.

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