Instrumental post-rock band Pelican have been making rumblings recently, and last week confirmed their somewhat surprising comeback via the new single 'Midnight and Mescaline', which saw special 7" release for Record Store Day over the weekend. The quartet have also confirmed plans to release their first new album in over half a decade; it's called Nighttime Stories and will come out via Southern Lord on June 7th. It's Pelican's first album recorded entirely with new guitarist Dallas Thomas, following the departure of founding member Laurent Schroeder-Lebec.

'Midnight and Mescaline' reintroduces Pelican with aplomb, the scorching rocker rampaging through its 5-minute runtime in a series of hair-raising passages. The mammoth size of the guitars, which buffet and blast from all sorts of angles, prove that Pelican have not lost any of their bravery through the intervening years. The fireworks of the interwoven melodies is emphasized by the dexterity of the percussion, allowing the whole hulking sound to pivot on a moment's notice into a new careening ascent. The result is that 'Midnight and Mescaline' seems a lot longer than it actually is, as you've burnt through plenty of adrenaline by the time you reach its conclusion.

Pelican's new album Nighttime Stories comes out June 7th on Southern Lord. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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