We featured London's all-female genre-shifting trio Peluché last year when they released the intimate 'Sacred After All (Touch My Body)'. It's been a long wait for more material from the band, but they've been carefully crafting their next move, which arrives today in the form of the sublime 'Keep Making Me Happy'.

'Keep Making Me Happy' has a fluency and smoothness right from its very first seconds, through its 5 minute run, which allows the band's positivity and light to radiate out naturally. The jazz-inflected playful drums form a satin-like basis for the song, on top of which the bass and vocals intertwine like lovers deep under each other's gravitational pull. As the song's delicate tendrils stretch out to caress the listener's ears so softly, you can perfectly experience the intimate embraces and sky-touching emotions that are described in the lyrics. Towards the end the song builds up a little head of steam, taking us down into a noodly little rabbit hole, where you can imagine two lovers curled up together in infinite satisfaction.

The band says of the song "'Keep Making Me Happy' developed from a mood and an unspoken feeling - we were jamming in our shed to some old Ibiza Club Classics and suddenly the bassline, beat and atmospheric sounds arose, built and repeated until we were lost in the rhythm of the groove.” You can certainly hear that natural and graceful ecstasy oozing out of every second of the song. Listen below.

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