London trio Peluché have returned with another luxurious single to send listeners soaring into what's set to be a glorious weekend. Their last single, 'Keep Making Me Happy' was noodling psych voyage into the basic but complex feeling of human pleasure, and on new track 'To Be A Bird' they continue their exploration of human gratification by imagining the freedom and flight of becoming avian.

'To Be A Bird' starts off with Peluché's most classically jazzy sounding moment yet, with deep and inviting brass wheeling its way between your ears, leaving a trail of attractive mist in its wake. Following this path, Peluché soon add their usual psych grooves, thick as molasses but smooth as perfectly frothed milk, their intertwining musicianship has never sounded fuller or deeper. Their velvety valley of sound is hypnotic and malleable, the band toying with the direction of its flow with their playful and unpredictable playing. The flight of 'To Be A Bird' is freewheeling and joyous, Peluché never allowing you to settle in for too long before making another nimble musical swoop and setting us back on another thrilling trajectory.

Speaking about ‘To Be A Bird’, the band said: “This track started as a trip jam in Syd’s studio (Wilton Way in Hackney), where we came up with a guitar, bass and drum groove and the song developed from there. The melodies in the clarinet and chorus vocals soar over the beat to represent the liberated bird flying away from societies pressures to conform. The video is an abstract piece of art representing the distraction of advertising and consumerism, floating in the black emptiness whilst the world passes you by.”

Listen to 'To Be A Bird' below.

Peluché are still hard at work on their debut album, which we hope to see released before the end of the year. In the meantime, keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.