New York post-punks Pill are ramping up towards the release of their second album Soft Hell through Mexican Summer on October 26th. Although a fiercely outspoken band, they wouldn't necessarily label the new record as political, since, as drummer Andrew Spaulding puts it “Calling this political music in 2018 is basically redundant.” They're more interested in forwarding their fascinating style: “For me this band’s about being provocative with sound,” says saxophonist Benjamin Jaffe.

Although, you might not necessarily hear much of Jaffe in new track 'Midtown' at first; it's a crawling, contemptuous rock song, that uses his work sparingly - but to great effect. It sounds like the inner monologue of Veronica Torres as she's stuck in the crush of people in the titular 'Midtown'. All around her she sees scenes of squalor and culture, juxtaposed in a way that sends her mind down myriad mental avenues. Pill express these oft shady routes in their magnetic grey guitar-centric sound, showing patience as they resist the temptation to explode into a big crescendo, but instead impressively turn the screw tighter and tighter in conjunction with Torres' contemplations.

Torres and Spaulding also shot the video for the song. In the band's own words, 'Midtown' takes place "In a world where vampires rule the streets of New York City, vampires are seen, ruling the streets of New York City ... is there enough blood to go around? A scream splits the sky, as a check is cashed in Midtown. What’s that smell you ask? Hell is the subway! Blood, money, death, corruption, Dance Dance Revolution. Scream, if you dare! hahahahhahha.”

Watch 'Midtown' below.

Make sure to listen to Pill's Soft Hell when it drops on October 26th through Mexican Summer.