Porridge Radio recently brought out 'Give/Take', their first new released music in a few years, which showed a new dynamism and sharpness to their sound. They've now followed it up with a second smashing cut entitled 'Don't Ask Me Twice'. The band's Dana Margolin says:

"For me, 'Don’t Ask Me Twice' is a song about suddenly noticing where you are and being surprised to find yourself in your own body in that place. When we play it live it feels like it’s all going to fall apart at any moment, but then it kind of pulls back and falls into place again, and then suddenly the chaos comes back and everything feels so intense. For me it’s about embracing the chaos because you can’t escape it, and accepting how you can have really contradicting feelings and thoughts all at the same time in your own head, and how that’s ok. It’s part of figuring it out. Scream "I don’t know what I want". It feels good."

The sense of disorientation is immediate in 'Don't Ask Me Twice', with Margolin setting the unsteady scene: "I woke up/ dog was gone/ I walked around/ I felt alone/ I don't know." With excellent clicking and tutting percussive underpinning, Porridge Radio's new track then shifts back and forth through bleary and irritated mental states. At first it's tense, mumbling and fidgeting in confusion, but they then take a liberating shift into more anthemic indie territory, embracing their cluelessness with a soaring admission of "It's been a long long long long time/ I still don't know what's on my mind." As in real life though, this moment of sanguinity doesn't last, and 'Don't Ask Me Twice' diverts into vicious and self-immolating screams of uncertainty, layered on with thick riffs and pulverising drumming. Thankfully, Porridge Radio shift the dial once more back to acceptance, and 'Don't Ask Me Twice' concludes in resounding manner, welcoming indecision as an integral part of life.

Porridge Radio will be hitting the festivals hard this summer, starting with their hometown blow-out The Great Escape next week:

9-11 May - Brighton @ The Great Escape
27-29 Jul - Butterley @ Indietracks
15-18 Aug - Brecon Beacons @ Green Man Festival
31 Aug-1 Sep - Dorset @ End of the Road Festival

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