The highly-anticipated April 5th release of Priests’ forthcoming record is fast approaching and the latest single from The Seduction of Kansas, 'Jesus’ Son' is the heat-seeking missile to usher it in.

Already having released two scorching dance-punk numbers in ‘Good Time Charlie’ and the title track, the rowdy quartet ‘s latest single is a pulverizing rock anthem and an aptly energizing intro to their new record. With Daniele Daniele’s crushing drums injecting an added sense wrath, the confidently witty voice of frontwoman Katie Alice Greer rockets the listeners into cynical and even familiar territory as her words harken to those of Lou Reed when he sings on ‘Heroin’ that he felt ‘just like Jesus' Son.’

While Reed’s words dealt with a drug-addled state—or at least, they seemed that way, it appears Greer is more concerned with something more apocalyptic—possibly nodding to the extreme religiosity and cults of patriarchal Middle America. “I am Jesus’ son/I’m young and dumb and full of cum.”

However, like Reed, Greer leaves ‘Jesus’ Son’ open for interpretation. Regardless of the song’s message, Washington D.C.’s Priests prove once more why they are one of the most needed and exciting punk bands amidst the socio-political unrest of the United States.

Along with the new single, the band has also shared an official music video for the track that you can watch above.

With the impending release of their sophomore project, make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.

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