Buscabulla is a duo of Puerto Ricans Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle that has been signed by Ribbon Music for the release of their debut album, expected next year. Ahead of that they have shared the single 'Vámano', the first song written and recorded by Buscabulla since returning from New York to Puerto Rico. The pair hopes to honour the sound and culture of their native land in their music, saying:

"With the mass-exodus of Puerto Ricans to the mainland U.S. as well as economic decline accompanied by displacement of our people and traditions, we hoped to capture the essence of these festivities... By their very nature and existence, these festivities are a form of celebratory resistance."

'Vámano' certainly has the flavour of their homeland in its polyrhythms and songbird vocals, but you can also hear a mischievousness that sets the song afloat (after all Buscabulla does mean "troublemaker"). A beautifully undulating pop song, 'Vámano' is a full of life and colour - not to mention musical ingenuity - that is immediately appealing and enlivening. With this, they've stapled themselves to the top of 'most anticipated debut albums' list.

The video for 'Vámano', which you can see below, also pays further tribute to their native people and traditions.

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