Pumarosa have released the beguiling new single ‘Fall Apart’, their first new music since 2017 debut LP The Witch. It’s an urgent, twitching piece of music that seems to be part song/part spell. Alarm bells and high pitched strings rush into the chorus, as lead vocalist Isabel Muñoz-Newsome’s voice battles to regain control against the churning collision of instruments. The pandemonium may reflect the turbulence that Isabel and her band members have faced since the release of their first record, as the singer found herself being diagnosed with cancer in its release week.

Fast forward two turbulent years and Pumarosa are back at full form, creating the curious indie that first made them such a fascinating proposition. ‘Fall Apart’ acknowledges and confronts the band’s trying past and demonstrates yet more desire and ability to experiment with their sound. Producer John Congleton helps to realise the captivating new cut, and is present across the newly announced sophomore LP, aptly titled Devastation, to be released November 1st through Fiction Records.

After creating one of the most enticing debuts of recent memory, Pumarosa return sounding refreshed, further following a path into stranger electronica and more artificial elements. It’s a swift and foreboding first taste of what is assured to be a spectacular second album.

Pumarosa's new album Devastation is out November 1st on Fiction Records. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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