Rebecca Bergcrantz, aka RAINDEAR, put out her debut album Embers in 2016, but is now building on that starting point, further honing her sound for her second album. The first taste of this advancement is the finely crafted razor-edged single 'Diamonds In My Chest'.

'Diamonds In My Chest' finds RAINDEAR amidst a dark cloud of swirling electronics and stadium-sized beats. Into this overcast setting sashays Bergcrantz's crystalline voice, piercing the gloom by powerfully projecting her emotions, shining like a beacon of endurance and hope. This stark contrast between the heavy production and the ethereal vocals is magnetic, and is the driving force of this compelling composition. At once she is still connected to her humble hometown beginnings, but clearly has her eyes on a much bigger destination for her musical talents - and is determined to reach them. It's an extremely confident stride for the young Swedish singer, and one that promises much from her next album, but if she carries out this kind of confident artistry throughout her future release, then it's sure to be a knock out.

Listen to 'Diamonds In My Chest' below.

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