There’s nothing like a famous name giving one of your tracks a remix to get your band known. Russell Lissack of Bloc Party has put a new twist on the already-great Rapids! track ‘Nameless // Faceless’, and has pretty much ensured that their second EP, Fragments, from which the original is taken, is going to get listened to.

The wall of sound found on ‘Nameless // Faceless’ is given a robotic twist, as are the vocals. There’s a sense of eeriness in the remix’s quieter moments, but an equally brilliant power behind clever inclusions such as a well-timed bassline, or frenetic electro notes.

Considering that Rapids! have been compared to early Bloc Party before, it’s no surprise that this remix sounds good enough to fit in on either of the Bloc Party remix albums. Seriously, download this bad boy now.

Have a listen here.