Geordie songwriter Richard Dawson has returned to his solo work, after a delightful sojourn with his other project Hen Ogledd last year. He's revealed that he's got a new album called 2020 coming out on October 11th through Weird World.

Whereas his last solo album, Peasant, toiled in folk-oriented tracked filled with mythical beasts and grim occurrences, 2020 is bringing things firmly to the modern day. Lead single 'Jogging' is essentially a diary of Dawson's activities in recent months, honestly detailing his battles with depression and idleness. Over lightly thrashing and galloping guitar, meant to reflect the titular 'Jogging', Dawson sings about the daily barriers that make him anxious to the point of finding it hard to leave the flat. Here he finds himself scouring eBay and Zoopla for impossible purchases, going slightly mad. When he's out in the world it's not much better either, feeling paranoia on the bus, taking voluntary redundancy from his day job in a school, getting cut down by harsh comments from the check out girl in the supermarket. To battle all of this he's been advised to start jogging, which is where we find him in the midst of this song, running away from his stresses, backed by humorously heroic rock music with robotic voices, and ultimately deciding he's going to run the London Marathon to raise money for the British Red Cross.

'Jogging' is a true slice of modern English life, delivered with absolute idiosyncrasy that Dawson always brings.

Richard Dawson's new album 2020 is out October 11th on Weird World/Domino. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He's got these live dates announced:

Fri 20th Sept – Newcastle, Ouseburn Folk Festival
Tue 19th Nov - London, Moth Club
Wed 20th Nov - Brighton, Komedia
Thurs 21st Nov - Manchester, RCNM Concert Hall
Fri 22nd Nov - Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall
Sat 23rd Nov - Liverpool, Studio 2
Tue 26th Nov - Edinburgh, The Caves
Wed 27th Nov - Glasgow, CCA
Fri 13th Dec - Newcastle, Sage Gateshead

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