Peckham-based multi-cultural artist and musician Rina Mushonga is blazing a trail back into our consciousnesses with new single 'Hey Coach'. Following on from '4qrtrs', released earlier this year, it's the second taster of her new record, which is called In A Galaxy, and will come out through PIAS on February 15th. 'Hey Coach' is a song about motivation, which she explains further:

"it͛'s about motivation, career-wise, no-one͛'s gonna fight for your art͛ as hard as you are, nobody has invested what you have in the same way and it͛'s about self-reliance and getting on with it... even when the odds appear to be stacked against you."

In many ways, 'Hey Coach' seems to be the keystone to the forthcoming album, which was kicked into gear after Mushonga tore her achilles tendon playing football, leaving her immobile on her couch. From there, she was left with little else to do but work on music - though getting the energy for it can't have been easy. 'Hey Coach' sounds like her singing to herself, coaxing her out of her shell and into a world of beautifully bouncing and lively synth-pop. Within her polychromatic instrumentation, which tips its hat to her multi-cultural background, Mushonga's voice is playful in its passion, as determined as it is dramatic. "I'm gonna do it myself because I signed up," she affirms, before bold-faced demanding "what's your motivation? Tell me what's your motivation," with a propulsive beat compelling you to get up and get active. The back half of 'Hey Coach' flows into a blissful exploration of the wonders of human activity; fuelled by saxophone, it sounds just like the aural equivalent of an endorphin rush. With 'Hey Coach', Rina Mushonga has provided the soundtrack not only to her own resilience, but has gifted it as an anthem of fortitude to her fans.

'Hey Coach' is available to listen to below, or on your preferred platform.

Rina Mushonga's new album In A Galaxy is out on February 15th and can be pre-ordered here. She's also got a couple of live dates in London this month:

20th November – Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney
28th November – Notting Hill Arts Club