Rina Sawayama may not have had a new album or EP out this year, but she has released a string of powerful pop anthems, which is capped off today by the new track 'Flicker'. Following on from 'Cherry', it's another honest song that finds the beauty in individuality. Sawayama explains the initial story behind 'Flicker':

"The first day of reception year at school my teacher totally butchered my surname while calling out the register. I remember crying so hard and that was the first time I realised that I was different to all the others in class. When I was writing Flicker I was thinking how our name shapes our experience in life and identities us in a deeper way than we realise. Whether it's a name that no one can say, or the frustration of being misgendered, or quite simply being misunderstood for who you truly are- this is a song for you :heart: #theyaintus”

The honesty and genuine relatable pathos that resounds from Rina Sawayama's music continues to shine with an indelible beauty on 'Flicker'. Of course, the polychromatic synths and smooth propulsion of the production is a key factor in making 'Flicker' an instant pop classic, but it is Sawayama's character and determination in the face of negativity that takes it above and beyond. The message is simple, have pride in yourself, but the way that Sawayama manages to emphatically express it, both as a stadium-sized anthem and as a heartfelt message between intimate friends, takes it to a level that will connect with anyone that has ever wanted to dance, sing or cry away their woes.

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