((( O ))) first appeared to us at The 405 in February with the beautiful 'Yuyu', and has this week followed it up with an equally soulful cut called 'One, Two'. The singer and producer, who lives in the Southeast Asian jungle, produced and sung the song entirely herself, and is calling her track releases 'moondrops', as she plans to drop one every full moon.

On 'One, Two' she says: "i made One, Two when my friends were going through a dark time, and it’s been a guiding light for me since.”

'One, Two' immediately puts across the mindset of its creator as oozing synths and crackles welcome us to a warm surrounding, as she laments "why do I have to be strong for someone else? Because it's just not enough to do it just for me." Regardless, she is understanding of others' difficulties, and in 'One, Two' offers a glowing track with a simple message: "follow your heart, it'll guide you." Over whispered samples and heady layers of electronics her voice hovers, giving her caring words more depth and resonance. Her vocals hang like a star in the misty production, and you feel safe as you decide to follow its advice, moving chin-high into whatever may come up next in life.

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