HAWA is the moniker of 19-year-old Manhattan-based musician and composer, now turned rapper. With an African heritage and a life begun in Berlin before transplanting to the Big Apple, HAWA has plenty of fuel for her musical inspiration, which initially led her into classical composition. She became one of the youngest ever composers for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom she toured the world. Now though, she's found a more direct, personal and visceral way to express herself through hip-hop, and new single 'Kill Some' is the perfect example.

“‘Kill Some’ is a love song about a toxic relationship,” explains HAWA. “The beginning of the song represents the beauty of new love, but also insecurities built through loving in general.”

The production features thudding bass amid low-lit synths, a perfect setting for the initial loved-up period, especially with the trilling string-like sounds in the background harping on the romantic feeling. HAWA is stoic and focused in 'Kill Some' though, sounding calm yet threatening. As 'Kill Some' progresses, the production doesn't change massively but HAWA's harsh feelings come closer to the surface, and starts to colour everything around them, until the track is a bruised purple - leaving you in no uncertain terms about who's the boss here.

Check out 'Kill List' along with the visual by Keenan MacWilliam below.

'Kill Some' is out now on b4 (a subsidiary of 4AD).

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