The Toronto-based producer Tommy Paxton-Beesley aka River Tiber has quickly but subtly risen in esteem in the music scene thanks to his deft production and musical abilities, with him having been sampled or featured on songs by the likes of Drake, Ty $ Sign and Kaytranada. However, it is in River Tiber's own music where he really shines, and his new single 'Patience' proves that further than ever before.

'Patience' a slow and composed electronic ballad, with River Tiber ushering us into the deepest recesses in his mind and exposing his most personal feelings. He takes us into the moment of purest frustration and conflict as he tries to keep his mouth shut in front of someone he deeply desires. Of course, this all comes to a head in the chorus, where we get the full force of his musical abilities. Keeping it simple, River Tiber says that 'Patience' is "about leaving things unsaid." In that case, it's down to the song to do the talking; listen below.

More news from the Toronto producer will be arriving in 2018.