Almost exactly a year ago River Tiber put out his gorgeous track 'Patience', which we assumed meant we'd be hearing more from him soon after - though it turned out that 'Patience' was what we needed to show when it came to more music from Tommy Paxton-Beesley. Finally this week he has released a new track called 'Deep End' - and it was definitely worth the wait.

He has said of the new track, "When I was recording the vocals for this song there were these fighter jets from the CNE airshow flying overhead that were so loud. So I hit record and got an hour or so of these incredible sounds and used them as transitions - the sound of burning oil.... Devo (Devon Little) took the cover photo when we were on tour living in a suspended reality for a few days. I never even knew he took it, I was in a dream. I was listening to the song and looking through old photos and it stood out. It was a moment in time, the beginning and the end. I had started writing the song that same month.”

It's odd for Paxton-Beesley to fixate on the transitional sounds of fighter jets, but that just goes to show the attention to detail that he puts into his woozy and deep sounds. For the listener, there are plenty of other elements to the track that stand out first; most obviously the slovenly percussion that couples perfectly with the lilting bass undertones. River Tiber amps up the beauty with consistent washes of harp and a gauzy synth that is drizzled over the top. Vocally, he plays into the medicated feeling of the track, his voice sounding drowsy and dreamy as he seems to roll under the thick duvet of sounds that's protecting him from the outside world. The song is so lush and rounded that we feel truly swallowed inside 'Deep End', the grandiose lull of the instrumentation suffusing us with a placidity that we could live inside for weeks.

We're not making any promises about new music from River Tiber this time, although we certainly hope to hear more soon. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.