Role Model is the moniker of 22 year old Tucker Pillsbury, who uses music to help him through his dark tendencies. He's planning to release a new EP later this year, and has today shared a lead single called 'hello!'. As an introduction to Role Model, here's what he says about his work:

"I think living by myself for two years in college and dealing with depression by myself was the best thing ever to happen to me. solving my own issues in my head helped with self awareness and self love. I can lean on myself -- definitely wouldn't say I'm happy yet, but I'm getting better at trying lately."

In 'hello!' we get the combination of a jaunty piano melody and Role Model's sinking emotions. It's a combination that would be incongruous if done incorrectly, but Role Model manages to find the balance, where the bouncing piano seems to be jogging and jolting his demure mood, provoking him to turn it around. It makes for an intriguing listen, and one which quickly becomes infectious.

Role Model's new EP will be out later this year, keep track of him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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