Rosalía is currently on her well-deserved victory lap after the release of last year's El Amor Querer, having recently made high profile appearances at Primavera Sound and Glastonbury. She's not resting on her laurels though, having recently released the singles 'Con Altura' and 'Aute Couture', and this week following up with a new double track single Fucking Money Man.

Individually, the two songs on Fucking Money Man are 'Milionària' and 'Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero', which sees her taking different approaches to a money-hungry persona, as seen on the single's cover art. 'Milionària' sounds upbeat and innocent, but translations of the Catalan lyrics reveal a more sinister form of braggadocio is afoot, which Rosalía can pull off with aplomb, no matter how sardonic or theatrical. She dances around the higgledy beat with glee, you can imagine her making it rain endlessly... until you reach 'Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero', the serious sister of the pairing. A much more staid and emotional ballad, with Rosalía wringing the most out of a simplistic piano underpinning, it looks at the other side of extreme wealth: extreme poverty. Even without reading the translation of the Spanish, you'll already feel affected by the passion offered up in her voice.

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