Ruthie, real name Naomi Baguley, surfaced recently with the captivating debut single 'What Kind Of Woman', establishing herself as an undeniable One To Watch, and has today followed it up with an equally compelling second single called 'Spirit Now Moves'. Aside from being a pristinely written and produced track, 'Spirit Now Moves' has some big ideas at its core, which Ruthie explains:

“When I wrote 'Spirit Now Moves' I was thinking about the way that large parts of land are cleared... Existing roots are ripped out and burned before new life can grow and be planted. At the time I felt like I was losing so much of what I relied on, but at the same time I knew that something new was stirring and preparing to grow.”

We are introduced to this existential contemplation immediately on 'Spirit Now Moves' as Ruthie sings “The weakness inside of me I’ve had since I was young/ It will make me strong.” The production of the track, by Baguley and Ben Lewis, allows for it to have a lightness but with enough substance to carry forth the weight of these thoughts. As 'Spirit Now Moves' progresses we can hear Ruthie growing into the track, as if she is literally evolving before our very ears, ripping out her roots and moving to a place of greater personal confidence and understanding. The track shifts along with this growth, building from a lilting 70s lounge-pop sound into fierce and punchy power-pop finale. It all further proves that Ruthie is an artist about whom we should have plenty of hope for great things.

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