Exciting UK artist Ruthie has shared a new song called 'The Tide', which precedes a 4-track EP called Universal Heartbreak Now coming out on November 22nd. In typically up-front fashion, Ruthie gives us this lovely introduction to her now song:

“‘The Tide’ is another banger about feeling terrible. It’s about sitting in my room feeling lonely, like the sea had just spat me out onto a deserted beach. It’s definitely melodramatic and now I can’t remember ever feeling that way, but that’s the alchemy of songwriting: you can crystalize a feeling that becomes an object to look at rather than an overwhelming tidal wave. I also wanted to echo a very classic country music narrative of ‘Once I had everything, but now I’ve lost everything.’”

As usual, Ruthie pairs her low mood with resplendent melodies that give it a truly human feeling. She takes us on a wander through useless memories in the verse, before throwing everything to the wind in the emphatic chorus. "It swallowed me in and spat me back out/ I'm losing everything now" she professes, but it's with a certain panache that highlights the silver linings in life. She may have lost it all, but it just means she can start afresh - that's certainly what the ecstatic guitar and uplifting finale of 'The Tide' seem to suggest.

Ruthie's new EP Universal Heartbreak Now will be out on November 22nd. She's got these live dates ahead:

12th Oct – Tenement Trail, Glasgow
19th October – SWN Festival, Cardiff
30th November – All Dayer with The Magic Gang, Leeds

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