Earlier this year we brought you 'Nostalgic Montage', the wondrous song from Bay Area artist Salami Rose Joe Louis (real name Lindsay Olsen), who had just become the newest signing to Brainfeeder. Now Salami Rose has revealed that she'll be releasing an album called Zdenka 2080 on August 30th. She's also shared a pair of new tracks, 'Octagonal Room' and 'Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)', which give us a further idea of her unique mindset in musical approach.

Salami Rose Joe Louis is actually a planetary scientist, as well as musician that counts George Clinton, Stereolab and Captain Beefheart among her musical influences. All of this gives you a sense of her music, but only in listening can you fully appreciate the prismatic and dream like sound she has cultivated. She says “Sometimes my songs can be very silly and whimsical... Sometimes they are more serious and emotional. I was looking for a way to weave all of my styles into a cohesive narrative, and I found a lot of inspiration in the way often movies and shows in the animé tradition seamlessly connect the whimsical, silly, serious, and meaningful.”

This is a perfect introduction for the two new songs shared today.

'Octagonal Room' introduces us to her sci-fi vision of music, as she speak sings about the state of the universe in 2080, unfolding a full-on narrative about Earthlings going on a deadly mission to save it. This idea is made all the more lucid by the jazz-inflected keys backing her up, whistling around your mind, lulling you into a softened state. By the time we reach the song's conclusion where we're told "she was entering a new dimension through the painting on the wall," the image doesn't seem at all unnatural.

The other song shared today is 'Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)', a bobbing track that recalls wondrous landscapes of retro video games. With this lens affixed, it's pure joy just to hear Salami Rose touch on singing clouds and zooming starships - which are easily animated by the lightly sparkling musical accompaniment here.

Check out both new tracks below.

Salami Rose Joe Louis' album Zdenka 2080 is out August 30th through Brainfeeder.

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