Former underground sensation and now revered songwriter (Sandy) Alex G will be releasing a new album called House of Sugar on September 13th. It's his third for Domino, following up 2017's excellent Rocket.

The first track to be shared from House of Sugar is 'Gretel', following in the lineage of great (Sandy) Alex G songs named after someone, like 'Sarah', 'Bobby', 'Alina' et al. Alex comes into 'Gretel' sounding as sideswiped as ever, the song practically burbling up out of an aural mish-mash then turning intself inside out into a gloriously bobbing indie rock song of the kind we've come to love from him. A crunchy rocker haunted by ghostly wails of strings and even feathered melodies, 'Gretel' seems to somehow straddle both arena-ready rock and lo-fi bedroom composition. Alex seems tortured as he sings amidst these sounds, and in most hands, trying to balance these seasick styles would result in a disaster, but he makes it work brilliantly. It's justified when he perks up in the middle of 'Gretel''s chorus to announce "nobody's gonna push me off track" - probably because nobody could predict the track he's taking.

(Sandy) Alex G's new album House of Sugar is out September 13th on Domino.

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