We're fast approaching the March 8th release of SASAMI's self-titled debut album, and this week she has shared the latest teaser in the form of 'Free'. It's a slow-burning song, quite different from the previously released from the album, with SASAMI explaining:

"'Free' is a lopsided duet about how destiny plays into matters of the heart - how sometimes when you lose in love, freedom is the consolation prize, and in that way, you've actually transcended."

From the opening guitar squeals and the intonation of SASAMI singing "I'm sure this happens all the time," we're immediately in the scene of a heartbreaking conversation between incompatible people. He's older and has "a good thing back at home," she's maybe a bit more naive, stating "I don't care what tomorrow brings," but the fact is that it's got to end, as painful as that can be. Devendra Banhart's vocal coils itself around SASAMI's smoothly, perfectly offering up the spectre of this attractive older person who's pulling away. Mid-song, those guitar squeals leer up again, portraying the roiling emotion of the moment, only to be forced back down. By the end of this excoriating scene, SASAMI seems to have reached some kind of acceptance, singing "you don't know what it means to be free," and leaving the listener to hope that she'll find a happier conclusion in the near future.

The video for 'Free' was shot in Australia and directed by Riley Blakeway, check it out below.

SASAMI's debut album SASAMI is out March 8th on Domino. She'll be in Europe just before that:

Feb 27th – Badehaus, Berlin
Feb 28th – Aalhaus, Hamburg
March 2nd – Bakken, Copenhagen
March 4th - Botanique Witloofbar, Brussels
March 5th – Paradiso (Upstairs), Amsterdam
March 6th – Pop-Up Du Label, Paris
March 8th – The Lexington, London

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