Say Sue Me have had quite the 2018. Going from neglected hometown heroes to playing SXSW and shows across Europe alike, with the support of new home Damnably, they’ve earned their rightful place as indie darlings in one short year.

To celebrate such a banner year, they’ve recorded an EP of...Christmas music?

To be sure, this is not your run of the mill Christmas cash in. Christmas, It’s Not a Biggie isn’t composed of the holiday staples you’re sick of. Rather, it’s a quick punch of new material, filled with the longing and bruised fun you’d expect from Say Sue Me. The title is no accident: Christmas hardly registers in South Korea, with precious few families even bothering with a tree or presents (gasps!). The Korean upstarts are clearly engaging with the imbalance between that attitude and their newfound audience’s fondness for the commercial behemoth holiday.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be Say Sue Me without some earnasty: “We can’t recall since when, but we had always thought that we wanted to make a Christmas record. It seems that the old bands had a Christmas album and we wanted to do something like that. The idea has been decided since around 2014, when we finished making our first album, ‘We’ve sobered up.’ …. Christmas in Korea differs in that it is not necessarily a tradition per se, but does not seem to be very different from other countries. The street is full of people with rosy faces and people gather to spend time with everyone they love.”

Check out our Track of the Day, ‘Out of Bed‘ below, as well as the full Christmas, It’s Not a Biggie EP, out now!