Back in March Shura made a welcome return with 'BKLYNLDN', a song that introduced her to her trials maintaining a long-distance relationship, which have been the main driving force for her new material. This week she's revealed that she's going to be releasing an album called forevher through Secretly Canadian on August 16th, and that sexual tension seems like it's going to be rife throughout.

This is certainly true on new single 'religion (u can lay your hands on me)', a sultry pop track where Shura makes her desires explicitly, and teasingly, clear. Over a sexy groove, Shura lays out desires for physical connection, the thrill of intimate touching - but all she can do is talk for hours on the phone at night and dream about kissing, since they're so far apart. Shura has said that forevher is “a soul record, sung by someone who doesn’t have a traditional soul voice,", but the vat of desire and charged sexual energy that she displays in 'religion' goes a long way to ensuring a sweaty and steamy atmosphere, even if she doesn't have a classically soulful voice. The lust is there, the allure is palpable, the effect is undeniable.

Check out the video for 'religion (u can lay your hands on me)', inspired by The Young Pope and directed by Chloe Wallace, below.

Shura's new album forevher is out August 16th on Secretly Canadian.

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