Alternative rock tends to use its power for catharsis. Echoes of anger are usually key to the genre, but Singaporean indie quartet Newton Circus seemingly have little interest in letting their emotions boil over.

Rather, with new single 'Jericho', they present a meditative, lovingly wistful tale. Their power lies in the subtle, a daring move for music with a propelling backdrop. Distantly crashing drums and urgent, circling guitar strokes build a gradually echoing journey through the titular historic city, deep into their sound. It's a bit like Jimmy Eat World, in the best of ways.

As to the song, the band themselves reflect, “With Jericho we grasped the opportunity to explore the human spirit, to metaphorically plunge it into an arid, windy and desolate desert existence where even the simplest droplet of water is like gold. The journey of eventual discovery is powerfully liberating, a subtle realisation of how our reality can be independent from external difficulties, if we so choose.”

Check out 'Jericho' below, and look out for more from Newton Circus soon.

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