Skinny Pelembe has been building hype for his debut album since his arrival a couple of years ago, and with the promise of its arrival in the next few months he has this week shared the excellent new single 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish'.

Pelembe was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Doncaster, England, and has always managed to balance these major influences in his music, while taking cues from modern production. 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish' is another fine example of this, as it skitters forth on African-infused rhythms and melodies, while he makes astute and gritty observations. The track's title, 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish' gives an idea of the weight of the ideas encompassed in the song, but the uncontainable rhythm ensures that it maintains a positive propulsion and a sunshine sound. If anything, Skinny Pelembe's new single is a testament to the unifying power of music over the forces that would try to keep people segregated.

Skinny Pelembe has now signed to Brownswood Recordings, with the promise of his debut album in the near future - so keep your ears open for more from this exciting act.

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