Lindsey Jordan aka Snail Mail recently announced her debut album Lush with the blast of a lead single, 'Pristine'. Today she follows it up with 'Heat Wave', a song that continues to show off her songwriting chops and air-guitar-worthy riffs.

Where 'Pristine' showed admiration for another person she was attracted to, Lindsey Jordan goes in the opposite direction on 'Heat Wave', cutting an ex down to size with put-downs both humorous and vicious. She kicks off the song in slow and contemplative mood; "woke up in my clothes having dreamt of you." She soon slices into the main fuzzed-up riffs of the song, with her commanding vocal and personality taking control: "And I hope whoever it is/ Holds their breath around you/ Cause’ I know I did." The magic of 'Heat Wave' is Snail Mail's ability to balance on the knife edge of adoration and absolute disgust at the person she's singing to, and this is reflected in the song's melodies and production, at once sunny but with a definite heft. When she sings "And I hope the love that you find/ Swallows you wholly/ like you said it might," on the song's monumental bridge, you're not sure who you feel sorry for. Then the anthemic refrain at the end "I'm feeling low/ I'm not into sometimes," is sure to strike a chord with just about everyone. It's a complex mental state to convert into sunshine indie rock, even more impressive considering it's her first album.

Her Rookie Of The Year status is confirmed by the video for 'Heat Wave', directed by Brandon Herman, which features Jordan donning skates and taking to the ice for some rough and ready ice hockey duelling. “I hadn't actually been on skates since I quit the high school team junior year, so immediately jumping into shooting this was equal parts difficult and super fun”, Jordan says. She comes out on top in the battle of the video, confirming her as the winner of the Calder Memorial Trophy (or the musical equivalent). Watch below.

Snail Mail's debut album Lush comes out through Matador on June 8th - pre-order it here. She and her band will also be hitting UK shores ahead of that, so try and catch them at one of these dates:

15/5 - London, UK - Oslo Hackney
19/5 - Leeds, UK - Brudnell Social Club
20/5 - Manchester, UK - Vullivers
21/5 - Bristol, UK - Louisiana