A couple of weeks ago we brought you the news that Snail Mail will be arriving on EU shores for her first European tour with a band in May. Along with that we hoped to soon bring news of a debut album, and just a couple of weeks later we can tell you that Snail Mail's debut album is called Lush and comes out through Matador on June 8th.

Arriving with the announcement is lead-off single 'Pristine', which shows a level of songwriting you might expect to be beyond Lindsay Jordan's 18 years. 'Pristine' is melodic and toasty from its opening chords, but rather than rush headlong into a big chorus, Snail Mail takes a roundabout route through peaks and troughs as Jordan unfurls a tale of self-doubt that curdles into a fantasy anthem as the guitars' tempestuousness rises to a beautiful plateau. Through her unrequited love she still finds solace, drawing on the power of her feelings and pridefully expressing them, even if they might not be returned: "don't you like me for me?/ Is there any better feeling than coming clean?/ I know myself and I'll never love anyone else." Jordan has been classically trained in guitar since she was 5, and these tenets of songwriting can be heard in the patience she shows and the surprising chords, but she's never one to become self-indulgent or hide inside of her playing; she's always front and centre, professing her opinions with honesty and composure. 'Pristine' is a signal that Lush should be one of the most exciting debut albums of the year.

Listen to 'Pristine' below and check for more details beneath.

Snail Mail's debut album Lush can be pre-ordered from Matador before its June 8th release. Ahead of that the full band (featuring Jordan on guitar and vocals, drummer Ray Brown and bassist Alex Bass) will be coming to Europe to play the dates below.

Snail Mail EU tour dates:

15.05 UK, London, Oslo Hackney
19.05 UK, Leeds, Gold Sounds
20.05 UK, Manchester, Gullivers
21.05 UK, Bristol, Louisiana
23.05 Belgium, Brussels, Witloof Bar
24.05 Netherlands, Groningen, Vera
26.05 Netherlands, Amsterdam, London Calling