London's Snapped Ankles have returned in a gale-like force with a new song called 'Drink and Glide'. It's the first insight into LP2 from the nature-loving collective, which will be seeing the light of day in early 2019.

For now, there's plenty to enjoy in barnstorming new track 'Drink and Glide', which cavorts forwards from moment one with Snapped Ankles' usual excitable attitude. With something of a Talking Heads snappiness, glazed with psychedelic synths, 'Drink and Glide' moves from simple post-punk origins into a heady and finely balanced finale. It's almost as if they've taken the title 'Drink and Glide' as the method by which they've written the song; steadily and happily taking more drinks as the song progresses, allowing it to glide into all sorts of different energy spheres, which overlap into a chaotic but curated fist-pumping finale.

For more info about Snapped Ankles' anticipated second album, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They've got some live dates coming up too:

Wednesday 31 October
Elsewhere, Margate, UK

Thursday 8 November
The Garage (w/Here Lies Man), London, UK

Saturday 24 November
The Art School (w/ Beak), Glasgow, UK

Sunday 25 November
Riverside (w/ Beak), Newcastle, UK

Monday 26 November
The Brudenell Social Club (w/Beak), Leeds UK

Saturday 9 February
Grauzone Festival, The Hague, NETHERLANDS