SOB x RBE have certainly enjoyed a rapid rise, even by the constantly moving standards of hip hop.

All it took was an appearance on Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther companion "soundtrack" (counting how much of the music made it into the film is a disappointing affair), and SOB x RBE was blasted into the rap stratosphere. Of course, it didn't hurt that the song itself, 'Paramedics', slapped hard enough to close city blocks.

While the album that shortly followed the unexpected bop, Gangin, largely successfully capitalized on the sudden buzz, it maturely and respectably mostly concerned itself with pleasing the West Coast fans who'd been plugged in with the group already.

For newer fans, it couldn't help sounding a bit low-budget vs. their massive TDE appearance. Enjoyable, to be sure, but not quite hard-hitting.

Gangin II arriving so quickly on the heals of its predecessor turns out to make perfect sense: SOB x RBE are ready to please both fanbases. The beats are flashier, the verses tighter, in just about every way, this is a sequel that improves upon what came before.

'Made It' serves as a clear early highlight. Summer may indeed be over, but don't tell SOB x RBE. The track's light groove is tailor made for hot Cali days, effortlessly gliding into catchy abandon.

However, the bopability of the track belies its often grim nature: even on the catchy hook Yhung T.O. still warns, "chop leave a nigga faceless," yet its DaBoii who leaves the most searing impression. Seemingly unaware of the celebration around him, he seethes,

"If I opened up to you, you would open a case
Was just a lion of the jungle but I roll wit' the apes
Steady tryna keep up wit' us y'all too slow for the pace
We was youngin's in this shit feel like I'm startin' to age
So much pain up in my body how much more can I take?
Act like everything good, how much more can I fake?"

SOB x RBE remain one of the most vital gangsta acts in hip hop, and Gangin II only solidifies their strong position. With recent break up talk seeming to fade, it seems we can look forward to their reign only lengthening and growing in influence.