Soccer Mommy has shared a new song called 'Lucy', the first new original material since her debut studio album Clean came out early last year. It comes in advance of her biggest tour dates yet in support of Wilco and Vampire Weekend. The new track is a first glimpse into the growth of Soccer Mommy's writing and recording, with Sophie Allison saying:

“‘lucy’ is a really fun song for me because it has a dark, evil vibe. It’s a song about struggling with inner demons and your own morality, but I masked it with this scenario of being seduced by the devil. I’m really excited to share this with everyone because I think it shows a different side of my writing.”

'Lucy' draws from the same well of sounds as her previous material, but layered and produced with more muscle and definition. This is all in service of her vocal, which crests atop the electrifying riffs with playful lightness. It's quite disarming when you realise that 'Lucy' is actually a dark song, Allison admitting that she can't resist the shiny eyes of the devil when she looks into them. The song reaches its apex when she repeats "quit taunting me" in the chorus, but with a flirty lilt and smirk that suggests she might actually like it - despite her better judgement.

You can get full details about Soccer Mommy's upcoming North American tour dates on her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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