Soccer Mommy is the project of 20-year-old Nashville songwriter Sophie Allison, who has gained notoriety over the last couple of years by posting her bedroom productions on Bandcamp, eventually leading to the release of Collection on Fat Possum last year, to many plaudits. She's set to quickly follow that up with her first proper album, Clean, due out on March 2nd.

The lead single from Clean is the remarkable 'Your Dog', a song in which Allison makes her feelings very clear from the jump: "I don't want to be your fucking dog." Despite the obvious venom in this statement, it's delivered in a quietly fuming meter, backed up by flecks of acoustic guitar and light percussion. 'Your Dog' plays out the torrent of fury and emotion from the singer in a similarly measured but powerful manner, showing a poise well beyond her years, and in the process creating quite an earworm - which is to be massively admired.

Speaking about the inspiration for the song, Sophie Allison says: "The song comes from a feeling of being paralyzed in a relationship to the point where you feel like you are a pawn in someone else's world. The song and the video are meant to show someone breaking away and taking action, but at the same time, it's only a quick burst of motivation. It’s a moment of strength amidst a long period of weakness."

Check out 'Your Dog' below, which comes accompanied by a Weird Life-directed video.

Ahead of the release of Soccer Mommy's Clean, you can keep up with her on Facebook and pre-order the album here. She'll be touring the UK in March:

UK Tour:
2nd - London, UK - Rough Trade East
3rd - Leeds, UK - Headrow House
4th - Manchester UK, The Castle Hotel
6th - London, UK - Moth Club
7th - Brighton, UK - The Hope