Swamp Dogg is the moniker of Jerry Williams, Jr., a soul singer from the American south who has been working consistently since the 70s. Despite having the roots and background to justifiably lean on his original style of music through his whole career, Swamp Dogg is determined to stay modern. As such, he has worked with Ryan Olson (Poliça, Gayngs) on production for his new album, which is called Love, Loss and Auto-Tune, and comes out September 7th.

The lead single from the album is the Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) duet 'I'll Pretend'. Vernon was one of the early proponents of use of autotune in indie music, so he's the ideal person to duet with on this track, where Swamp Dogg matches him with an equally robotised voice, but doesn't lose any of his soulful passion of his younger days. There is still plenty of southern flavour in 'I'll Pretend', regardless of its modern sheen, and that recipe has produced a delicious result - hopefully there will be more of it on Love, Loss and Auto-Tune in September.

Swamp Dogg describes the song as a character study about “a guy sitting in a restaurant by himself losing his fucking mind because he’s hoping his woman is gonna walk by, but she's at a Ramada Inn somewhere fucking somebody else to death." Enjoy that below.