Tia Cabral, aka Spellling, came to our attention this past summer when it was announced that she had signed to Sacred Bones for the release of her new record, and she shared the bumping 'Hard To Please'. Just a few short months later and we now have news of Spellling's next album: it's called Mazy Fly and comes out on Febraury 22nd.

Along with the announcement comes brooding and engrossing new track 'Haunted Water'. The song is said to be about "the memories of colonial violence that haunt the historical slave ship routes of the Middle Passage," but while the brooding and heavy atmosphere that is suggested by that is certainly present, it might be a few listens before you actually get into what Cabral is singing. Moreover, you'll notice her velveteen voice, stretching and draping itself over the demanding electronic soundscape that she's created. 'Haunted Water' is R&B, but in a hollowed out and mystifying way; it's a sound that draws you in seductively, but is much too eerie to ever be considered traditionally sexy. Rather, Spellling is performing some kind of dark magic on 'Haunted Water', somehow channeling the spirits of those that inspired the song, infusing her glow-in-the-dark layers and textures with a vivid and stunning humanity.

Sacred Bones will release Spellling's Mazy Fly on February 22nd (pre-order here). You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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