North Carolina's Spider Bags recently announced a new album called Someday Everything Will Be Fine, due out on August 3rd on Merge. They introduced the new album with the one-minute blast 'Cop Dream/Black Eye (True Story)', and they follow it up with something completely different: a 6-minute country-punk stomper called 'My Heart Is A Flame In Reverse'.

You know you're in for a ride as soon as you hear singer Dan McGee open up the narrative by saying "He met a girl with a pentagram tattooed on the front of her neck/ and she knew automatically and magically that they were connected until death." From there we follow a winding trail set out by Spider Bags' rambunctious guitars, ripe with the spirit of Memphis in their spluttering-yet-muscular rock gait. McGee leads the charge, spewing out rock aphorisms a dime a dozen, the classic kind of phrase that sounds good in a song but doesn't bear scrutiny: "the future tells many lies about the past," "You can run from the police but you can’t run from yourself," "to succeed at anything you must fail for a long while." It all comes ringing out with a beautiful, whisky-soaked truth, as Spider Bags' playing is committed to the song and the rich tapestry that's being woven, which pays off magnificently in the beautiful, Isaac Brock-esque admission of the chorus: "my heart is a flame in reverse."

McGee says of recording the new album in Memphis, “Rock and roll just sounds better there. I swear.” In listening to 'My Heart Is A Flame In Reverse' you'd have to agree. Check it out below.

Spider Bags' Someday Everything Will Be Fine comes out August 3rd and can be digitally pre-ordered here.