Squirrel Flower recently fluttered into our lives with the re-release of her song 'Conditions', in which 21-year-old Ella Williams certainly left an impression. Later this summer she will be reissuing her EP Contact Sports, and today she is releasing another of the its highlights, 'Daylight Savings'.

On 'Daylight Savings' Squirrel Flower introduces us to her dreariness with the simple phrase "I know we've gained an hour/ but it feels like I've lost two." She envelopes you in her introverted passion, as her delicately strummed chords lay the foundations for her dragging depression, which is turned into vaporous beauty. This is gradually galvanised as Squirrel Flower's emotions continue to stir throughout the song, eventually bursting into a ball of blinding devotion and guitar theatrics. It's a song reminiscent of both Torres and Low in its sneaking grandiosity, and should be listened to as loud as possible. Check it out below.

The reissue of Squirrel Flower's Contact Sports EP will include 2 new tracks and will be released on vinyl for the first time - but only a limited edition of 300, which can be pre-ordered here.