Stick In The Wheel are a band that get pigeonholed as folk, probably because of their name and their appearance, but their sound is something that stretches far beyond the limitations of that hallowed genre. While there are plenty of earthy and organic elements to their songs, they embellish them with electronics, atmospherics and general studio wizardry that elevates them to something mind-expanding.

Today's new single 'As I Roved Out (I Will Sleep Sound)' may be the finest example of this yet, as it bubbles out of the ether and then gallops forth on clicking percussion and subtly spiritual electronics and strings. In the midst of this beautiful breeze is Nicola Kearey, commanding the torrent of emotions imperiously, compelling listeners to follow her come hell or high water. It's an engulfing song from beginning to end, so it's somewhat surprising to hear the origin was much more humble; as it was originally recorded by Kearey on her phone in a burst of inspiration. She then sent on this demo to her Stick In The Wheel bandmate Ian Carter, who deconstructed and reconstructed it. Together they delicately worked on it until they had hewn this glorious final product.

Speaking about the inspiration for the track Kearey says: ""I’d say that that trope is one you come across readily in folk songbooks. It’s one which I personally feel is difficult to connect with, not least because they usually follow with a description of a pretty lady met along the way, then the objectification thereof. I can’t relate to that. Plus “roving” - like its equivalent personality the “flaneur” by and large have the leisure time to rove. Me and my ancestors don’t/didn’t. We got up in the dark and went directly to work, toiled all day then came home again, exhausted. There is a nostalgia and fetishisation of the past in folk music which is mostly at odds with our approach."

Check out 'As I Roved Out' below.

Stick In The Wheel's second album Follow Them True arrives on January 26th and can be pre-ordered here. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and catch them on tour at the following dates.

Stick In The Wheel tour dates:

20 Jan - Glasgow @ Celtic Connections: Oran Mor
2 Feb - Doncaster @ Roots
3 Feb - Kendal @ Brewery Arts Centre
8 Feb - London @ Borderline
9 Feb - Basingstoke @ The Forge: The Anvil
2 Mar - Edinburgh
3 Mar - Sheffield @ Greystones
4 Mar - Liverpool @ Philharmonic Hall
10 Mar - Bury @ The Met
11 Mar - Halifax @ Square Chapel
24 Mar - Widcombe Bath @ Wharf Room
29 Mar - Colchester @ Colchester Arts Centre
6 Apr - Sevenoaks @ St Ediths Hall
7 Apr - Aldershot @ West End Centre