In December we posted the debut single 'Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise' from the shadowy newcomer Stoner, and today he returns with a venomous follow-up single 'The Anteroom'. The track is said to track the "ill-fated balloon ride" of Brexit via an episode of Peppa Pig.

Expounding more verbosely on the inspiration for 'The Anteroom', Stoner says that it tackles the “un-navigated, unmitigated rudderless dream, and the almost child-like petulance of the impatient territorialism of identity and ownership, that somehow, in the end, we will achieve and live in a distilled utopia of British values, when really it's just regressive isolation - a waiting room of uncertainty.”


Regardless of whether you're fed up of Brexit waffle or not, 'The Anteroom' is a gorgeous and engrossing track that cleanses the stresses of its creator in layers of strings and washes of atmosphere. Amidst this shape-shifting soundscape you might only catch snatches of Stoner's words, warped as they are, but the piercing beauty of his voice rings out nonetheless, guiding us through classically British scenes like school fêtes and trips to the seaside. With more details in the complex composition revealing themselves on each subsequent listen, 'The Anteroom' is almost the opposite of the relatively sparse 'Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise', proving that Stoner can swing from Jeff Buckley to Massive Attack with plenty of stops in between. We may not know much about the personal life of the artist yet, but his musical credentials are undoubted after 2 spellbinding tracks.

We still await news of what's to come from Stoner, but you can get some insight by seeing him at London's The Waiting Room on February 26th (tickets).

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